Decisions Drama – Pre- Production (Stage 2)

Initially, right after pitching process had our team then got into having meetings more frequently. At first, this involved with step by step planning alongside, each and everybody’s contribution towards paperwork for their assigned role. The members consisted of Myself, Jevan, Mo Daher, Naheem and Hussein. Bearing in mind there was so much to keep balance of within this production at the time, everybody had their own set tasks to meet and provide it within a certain time frame. As Production Manager of the team meant having to work closely with the producer on a daily basis and my tasks in fact, were varied with much differing things to do each day.

> Role & Responsibilities

As Production Manager, I can assuredly say took many leads on managing casts and bringing value to every moment of the production. This took a lot amount of research involved towards the drama as well as, my responsibilities.

An inspirational quote found from Paul Hawken, follows the strategic of excellent management and how to use that in advantage to a team’s effort.

“Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.” – Paul Hawken” …(

With that being said, also following the knowledge as Production Manager from former held productions had helped in my role and aided quite a lot with most the tasks at hand. In oppose to the role however, it can come under many stresses with the continuous cycle of calls and managing people’s budgets.

Book read from Leslie Mitchell also quotes within on others experiences in Television, from taking the role of Production Management, and the difficulties they encounter everyday.

“No day is ever the same, depending on the production cycle and the genre. You wake up wondering what’s likely to go wrong today! It can feel like you’re constantly trending on egg shells. You may feel it is all under control …then bang! A crisis comes along and takes your time and energy.” – Page 9″

This taught me that you can never be too prepared for what’s to come, when taking upon the role of Production Manager. There is no typical day and you’re mainly responding to what’s happening. A problem taking a minute of time potentially can drag up to an hour to solve. This covers the basic groundings and principles working as a Production Manager in Television.

> Casting Candidates

In further discussion, the team all had come to a consensus for what actors would suit the physical and dramatic feel to the drama. Upon our decision, we all felt at best that these candidates carried the most potential based on acting abilities and character emotions.


A few of these actors can be seen from viewing the Auditions video posted on my previous post.

> Further Details

Given our plan towards filming the auditions, as we mostly faced a lot of letdown on actors and crew members, this dragged on delays for filming. I feel that also, this was an influence reflected upon, the poor director’s planning as he is in control of the casts and crew that he established. Individually, I have suggested quite strongly to him to always have a contingency planning. Personally, in ways I would manage differently being director would first include, following a backup list of actors and also, hold a written contract with the crew. This method would perhaps allow for a stronger establishment with the team and demonstrate, a student’s commitment to the project. Because there was no solid contract, neither any planning or commitment, actors and crew members were oblivous on what had to be followed. Therefore, as a result causing most of them to leave the project.

Furthermore, the poor punctuality & communication coming from the cameraman, Naheem led to even bigger issuses. Especially considering the filming for auditions, was instead done by the editor. Due to the non-participation from Naheem, the director felt it was was beneficial on behalf of the team to dismiss him and find a replacement. Ultimately, I thought this unneccessary but due to the short amount of progress being made, it can be argued a perfectly made decision for the greater good of the team. Although, the unfortunate loss of our cameraman did meant delays for further filming. However, as being the Production Manager of the team, it was my role to help assist in finding a replacement as soon as possible. What I did, was ask around several members of the Tech Art community to see who was still available. It was undoubtedly an enduring task and a huge resposibility which had to be carried out. Individuals, one after another informed us, either the dates we chose to film can not be met or they already have been assigned to a group. I felt at this moment, though it was my responsibility, the team could have provided that extra support in my search rather than showing me their unattentive care. This desperately had resulted me under a burden of pressure. Rather than arguing with the group about this, instead I suggested they take full focus on the paperwork in the meanwhile as I continue my search. After a long amount of searching and FaceBook messaging, 2 weeks after the dismissal of Naheem, finally I had then found a replacement, welcoming the newcomer of the team, Joshi Chaitanya.




Decisions Drama – Planning & Development (Stage 1)

Decisions - Promo

Decisions – Promo

Discussing the early stages towards the process and planning for final project drama “Decisions”, the group had came across many strives advancing from, pitch proposal preparations to scheduling auditions towards a post listed on StarNow and lastly, managing posters for casting recruitment.


> Pitching Experience

The outcome held here from before pitching and after were that, it was an engaging topic which Roddy had found except with the exclusion of some unneeded characters. In front of a panel of judges with an initial team of 3, this was an unbelievably nerve wracking experience, but conclusively with the support of Roddy being chosen as our tutor on this project, specifically quoted out that:

“It’s takes on a good story approach however, given the pace of 10 minutes, the script planning is too overly dramatic and needs to be cut down to a pace that’s comprehensible to viewers”

Taken account of the counter-measures to our drama, the story however was a potential tackle to film and was shown under feedback, with the green light to proceed forward. This pitching experience was engagingly beneficial and provided us, the rightful approach on what learning curves that were required to be taken. Hopefully, as the group advances into stage 2 of the pre-production process, I would like to discuss more on the approaches we had taken and what not, the changes that were made.

> Casting Recruitment

Furthermore, with the casting held on StarNow had a major hit storming to a numeric of 40+ applicants. This was a great starter as it allowed us more freedom of choice as well as, keeping a few aside as backup in the scenario any casts were to potentially drop out.

Decisions - Poster

Decisions – Recruitment Promo

Additionally, I also had produced a poster on behalf of the team to attract more casts for further viewing. Though this is merely just a prototype, the final piece has yet to edited and updated. Surprisingly, having been told by the director that too many applicants had applied, as a result we had to unfortunately dismiss some of the people who applied. On the bright side however, we did bear in mind that, the candidates that were unselected instead were, our potential backups for filming in any case needed necessary. This engagement and discussion with the group has taught me that, you should always have a contingency plan and make greater use for what else you are given because, what you initially may expect might not be the result you get. Nevertheless, additional information has yet to be spoken for this section however, once having finalized a decision on the candidates towards our held production, then will I update you further on the details and aims for filming. Hopefully, this coverage should ideally be discussed more from the next following post.

> Auditions

Within this stage of the production, I can assuredly say that it became a mindful experience, especially when analyzing out and judging which candidates were rightful for the given roles. This video here points out a few of the casts whom which, some being the ideal candidates that were selected for a second staging. Networking with these people have been a productive experience as it has illustrated to me the different levels of acting and how key qualities can help bring fruition to a character. Hopefully this video will provide a sense of what cinematic emotion this drama is aiming for, with a trailer soon to follow that will unfold brief segments of the drama portraying what the story is about .




War.Love.Guilt – (Post-Production) …Prosponed or Scrapped?

This post will briefly discuss the unfortunate events that were faced during post production and what not, the conclusions as well as, solutions which members of the group had came to. Due to certain circumstances with a student having accidentally formatted all footage on the SD card, caused a major havoc and delayed for any possible signs of post-production edit. Matters have still yet to be spoken with the director however, given the restriction for time may either call for an extension, or possibilities for rushed filming. Personally, I think its a good project to be put down to waste and that it was also, quite unrighteous for a team member to be lending out the SD card containing the footage to another TVP student. Given my effort and time put into the production, this had me really frustrated. Not only would supposedly re-shooting waste my own time, but the actors time as well. The member who had shown mistake has been warned and been told that, matters will be pressed on to members of staff if this happens for the second time around. Hoping for the best outcome, I wish to re-shoot the lost footage and continue to comment my thoughts here towards the drama. Otherwise, if not I personally then feel this had been a very time consuming effort for a production, which had led astray.

Proposition Essay – (Outcome and Experiences)

Beginning this essay did bring about a lot of planning, but thanks to research from my previous proposal helped made writing much easier. Though the essay titled had changed, the research gathered was somewhat similar and correlating to, the content of my former topic question. Thus, “How Celebrity Image Impacts Upon Animated Characters”. I had furthered my engagement with the topic by reviewing literature such as online articles and reading towards books, thereby extracting as much reference as I can to have quoted within my bibliography.

“Books are the ultimate Dumpees: put them down and they’ll wait for you forever; pay attention to them and they always love you back.” ― John Green,

Five key books which served most useful on my writing in aspect to animation and celebrity were:


Literature read on Celebrity Image and it’s impact upon Animation.

“A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.” ― William Styron

Referencing towards William Styron and his quote on reading, it promotes the benefits of what a great book will leave you with in the end of it. Each and every literature I’ve read here have exemplified its informative value towards, the information I was seeking and covered many avenues to explore, bringing my writing to complete fruition. Further visited articles can also be shown, upon request for the Proposition Essay.

The engagement or relation I thought this assignment had to current television would be that, because celebrity is generally becoming more dominant within the animation industry, its a good tackle to find out where the source of using celebrity derived from as in the 80s, celebrity image wasn’t really a major key to producing a show to its best potential. Especially, finding out that even major companies such as Disney, only was it until recent that they started promoting the use celebrity image and now, is making that a primary asset with use to all their characters shown from films nowadays as stars. Further reading can be found online at: (

Lastly, with that being said, I hope to have given you all a brief idea on what I had been exploring when writing my proposition and I hope to discuss more on the activities, upon receiving further feedback from Basil.


Proposal Writing – Planning & Research

With regards to the proposition essay planning, I found from the research of books to be quite tedious, yet extremely helpful and developmental to my subject topic. My topic focus primarily was on the research of celebrities voice actors and their impact towards animation. I managed to extract so much from reading and not only has my knowledge on an aspect of television improved vastly, but much learning objectives had also been met, and some to review upon improving from my proposal writing.

“This is an interesting topic and at times you suggest some interesting avenues for researching it. At the moment it is unclear what precise questions you are asking but hopefully as your research continues these will become more evident.”

With much regards to Basil for putting me on the right track, has helped me realize from the research I’ve done, where exactly I want to direct my focus, on the discussion towards my proposition. Relatively, I decided to use the information most useful from the research and instead, adjust my topic title where more avenues can be explored and explain a clearer argument. Hence, “How Celebrity Image Impacts Upon Animated Characters”. Though this proposal was merely but a clear understanding to what and what not I should look out for when future writing.

“You need to be more specific about what your methodology will be (why are you thinking about doing surveys – to find out what), what your theoretical framework will be (are there any writers on animation whose ideas you strongly agree or disagree with) and what your main arguments are.”

Nevertheless, much helpful sources from engagement on tutorials has opened my mind to creative thinking for my writing and what not, the extended research I could prepare for towards my actual proposition. Personally, it was unfortunate I received my copy rather late but, a useful book I found towards the essay planning was the booklet issued from Middlesex University titled “Planning Your Dissertation” by Kate Williams.

"Planning Your Dissertation" - Kate Williams."

“Planning Your Dissertation” – Kate Williams.”

Planning Your Dissertation is a friendly and essential companion to your dissertation journey. It takes you step-by-step through the planning for each stage, from your first idea to the finishing touches.”


“Dissertation & Education” – Layout”

The structure as shown above helped made my practices way easier towards the writing on my future essays and assignments. This book, as well as being a useful resource for planning, it also has served many purposes towards my actual proposition which I will discuss further in a later post. Kate Williams explores deeply into the different methodological researches alongside, analysis to effectively approaching them using the best systematic approach. With that being said, due to copyright and infringement issues, I am unable to upload any further images and soon will be taking them down after being reviewed for marking.

Stay tuned for further updates.


War.Life.Guilt – (Role & Engagement)

This post will refer to the process and planning, which I held to my role as Lighting for this particular drama. Personally, having knowledge as little to none with lighting was seen as an entire brand new experience for this held production. Though it was a challenging experience, I had made sure to hold a brief yet quick guidance, with Urim from the loan store, on how to operate certain lights and what light works best with what I am doing. With Urim’s advice, I was easily able to understand, the usages of different lighting types and how I would be able bring out the most potential in all its uses.

With that being said, further preparations I had made in advance for the coming shoot was, through watching tutorial online and how other people manage differently alongside, what methods of theirs I can incorporate into my own. Primarily, one particular website I found really useful was”FILMMAKER IQ” ( which has 20 useful lighting tutorials explaining in depth, how I can make the best out of my planning as well as, positioning where each lighting would suit the best look towards a certain shot or scene for a film. Thus, this counts being whether its a studio, documentary or drama.

Above all, I thought that from the wide range of videos listed, the tutorial here had served the most beneficial from the rest, as I felt this dominantly covered the basic touches and strong points which even a beginner as myself can achieve. The equipment used was coincidentally quite similar to what my drama had followed.

Analysing Tom Antos’s tutorial here on lighting as well as the website shown above, has prepared me for coming productions in the future with possible expectancy, on roles as Lighting Director. Hopefully as I continue to engage myself more with the post-production, I look forward to updating you with further content.

Stay tuned.

Interview @ Endemol – (Planning & Engagement)

The preparation I had staged myself for the Endemol interview was, the earlier lecture advices from Roddy Gibson with information on how to present myself and advice on how I should tackle interview scenarios. An example quoted from Roddy Gibson was;

“During my days, a nice pair of shoes was vital as the interviewer is always known to judge upon your physical appearance and catch on first sight to the shoes you are wearing.”

In a sense, dress code is generally key. In some cases depending on what company you are apply to is determined whether a dress code is required to that certain work environment. For instance, given a recent interview for ASOS with research on their website quotes:

Tips for Interview

Tips for Interview

Personally, with the freedom to wear whatever you want, takes an individual away from the restrictions held and allowing the leisure to be your very own personal self. Without further due, the interview process I would presume had gone well, thus being selected for a second invited interview.

Furthermore, with interview advice from Simon Wright from BBC, quotes on the suggested methods to, handling and tackling difficult interview questions when asked along for an informal chat.

“Think about the kind of programmes the company makes, there isn’t really an excuse for you not to know them.”


I am truly thankful for this opportunity with credit to Roddy Gibson on his lectures and arrangements of guest speakers. Learning from other people has really taught me what pitfalls and mistakes I could look out for when invited or applying for future jobs.

Avoid using cliche adjectives – “It’s not entirely uncommon to receive a cover letter of up to 800 words in length, including flowery words telling us how “passionate,” “vibrant” and “dynamic” you are. Ditch these useless words.” – Mediargh” – (