Set Brief – Pitching

The thought of pitching towards a panel of several professionals can be known as a nerve wrecking experience to most, despite having several ideas in mind, the anxiety of anticipating whether your headed in the right path, in the end is uncertain but determined by the collective feedback for, whether the idea made through for a successful pitch or not.

Selectively from the choices, my group chose to film an adaptation of a drama scene by Quentin Tarantino, labeled as ‘Pulp Fiction’. Further, we all had established our favoritism towards pulp fiction movies, concluding our consensus on why we had chose to adapt to this specific drama. From a theoretical perspective, as producer my primary objectives were to run down a solid planning of contributors, and a rightful location in suitability for the overall look of the film.

Moreover, we all took into account the research to our roles and choreographed a planning to the order for our pitch. Granting all this, the feedback report had shown that the pitch was quite ambitious given our generative for character and idealism. The only setback was our failure of planning on, how we intend to bring chemistry between Quentin Tarantino and the characters of our story as well as, matters in concern to the legality of our film.

This feedback was a great learning curve towards, what I can improve or prepare for towards my final project pitch.

Further updates will be next announced upon receiving feedback.

Stay Tuned.



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