Group Productions – Learning Outcomes (Cont)


Personally, I felt this drama project was one of my potential groups that carried a really strong idea. However, in fact it was also one of the reasons being, the problematic cause of the production. Reasons in justification to this is that, because the idea is so strong meant, it required much critical thinking which I felt the Director didn’t plan thoroughly enough for. I imagine my own encounter to this issue and see that, I would ideally prepare for at the least, a pre-schedule planning. This way I am not only setting my own goals but also, learning to see how quickly I am able to accomplish them within the time given.Relatively, as the Production Manager for the team, this is a solid form of managing time.

Furthermore, gathering the same exact words from group members, the director had rarely held any group meetings and kept the communication to social network. Reflecting on my knowledge as a Director, I feel the responsibility to engage meetings with the group is vital. This final project is considered a team effort and I feel that, although social media is a key feature in the networking world, I think in this case it had slightly destroyed the group’s participatory. Only so much can be expressed and by scheduling meeting keeps the group healthily active and engaged.

Comparatively, looking through my documentary project also held as Production Manager, I felt I could have incorporated so much and provided much more to this production. Though I did have more team support within my other project, I also established my own set targets where in this group, would have been quite complimentary. Nothing had been properly planned for on this project and I felt the need for an extension was unneccesary. What could be done better before our next shoot is, to overlook our planning and set ourselves targets.

Nevertheless, I have formerly discussed on a post that location 1 filming was quite solid, however the director’s thoughts had beg to differ. There had seemed to be a small conflict between, what performance I felt looked good and what he felt would be even better. Despite any decisions made, I noticed that the director was still indecisive. Following my responsibility as a team member and sound operator for the shoot, I could only do as much as give my thoughts and suggestions however, the final outcome was selectively, out of my reach.

Moreover, being a supportive team member and covering on most the director’s behalf for the loss of actors and crew members, I think it was unprofessionally rude that he would oppose my supportive help. Personally seeing myself in the position of Director, I would engage upon the suggestion of team members, or at least focus on a variety of different shots. Despite having a shot list, ironically I found it unusual that the director had consistently asked the camera operator, what shot he felt would look great on screen. This came to reflect his skills and my doubts towards him as a Director.

Overall, this project can best be seen as a learning curve with much to improve on. I would say that the pitching was the best aspect on this project so far and possibly the one day’s worth of filming. Ultimately, next time I would suggest that shooting within location range of London could save more cost on time and brings about, better quality for filming. Mainly, the location might had been an aspect of where we went wrong with the project. Along with the Director being indecisive with his selected dates, the shoot location was situated in a cost effective area. Already there had been 2 complaints from actors regarding a refund. Nonetheless, hopefully all this knowledge will be taken upon consideration with the group. If I am to judge, I would say this shoot has much potential to progress forward but, so far isn’t as likable compared to the standards of my documentary.


With insight to this production, I felt it was a positive running project as compared to my first. Though the only pitfall which occured on the days of our shooting was, the punctuality of individuals. Next time the timing could definetely be managed more efficiently, without angering team members needing to wait. Ideally, as the researcher and production manager for this group, it surprised me to know that people were late as I had clearly sent out the call sheet, 2 nights beforehand.

Regardless the matter, though we lost an hour worth of sunlight for our footage, the director dominantly took control to catch up loss time by running a quick, yet smooth recovery from cutting down any unnecessary shots on her shot list. This shown out to be a great method of improvisation where time was kept to quality and not rushed. Apart from the punctuality which could be looked into, everything else during start to finish seemed in place. Primarily, this group was in great sync with each other and perhaps one of the best groups I enjoyed working with for this year. As opposed to my other groups, everyone within this project took full responsibility for their own roles alongside, aiding the role of others. Each and every member within the group held, a strong communication and consensus. The meetings were also highly beneficial and kept a determination running within the team. In correlation to the 2 other groups listed on here, I felt this group from a single meeting alone, I can already gather whats next to come for the arriving shoot.

I would suggest these members for any future productions and found them a great inspiration to be with. The director has taught me so much on taking control and compositioning my camera angles to bring about impactful and emphasising shots. This readily prepares me for knowledge I can take with me to the working world. The only thing I felt I could have done better as Production Manager was raising my own awareness and selectively, using this knowledge to help aid for a better production within my drama group.


Discussing the entirety of the project, the production had faced several issues with dominance that it was too reliant on the camera operator. The Director took utterly no control of what shots she wanted and left everything in mind of the camera operator. This already shows in process that everything was poorly planned. Rather than aiming for what she wanted, it felt closer to the edge of being a 1 sided project. As a Director, I personally would have just followed among simple TVP guidelines, and establish myself a shot list. This way, it can at least save plenty cost on time and bring about some quality planning to the footage. The context of improvisation here has been used in the wrong way. There had been at least a week’s worth to plan the shot list however, it surprised me that nothing was dealt for regarding those matters. Moreover, with concern to the issue on the footage loss, I can assuredly blame the camera operator for his poor judgment and insight for not having backed up the footage. Especially, before borrowing out such an important piece of equipment. Personally as the Sound Operator, there was only so much I can other than speak out my suggestions. Although, having been production manager within 2 final major projects, its ridiculous that I failed to remember such a common aspect of backing up footage. Next time around, this has taught me to manage myself more efficiently. Also, to tackle my own problems if I feel the need to get involved. Specially, with a half broken team you can never rely too much on others and have to learn to take actions for yourself.

Comparing to the 2 other works I been a part of, this production can be seen best as one of the most challenging final project groups I have worked in. From a positive angle, this has taught me overall on how to manage for myself under desperate measures and think within a critical mind. Furthermore, I’m thankful for this project in aspect that, it has opened my knowledge to new equipment and exploring usage for what each one covers. Mainly, my assigned resposibility for the shoot was on sound and it was my job to keep the level of sound as crisp as possible. Without much understanding on the role,  I had been taught from the knowledge of Abdi Dahir on, what levels of sound I am to watch out for when it hits under and over. Before I knew it, at end of the day I grew more fluent on the equipment and progressed my knowledge to further uses within my other final project, Decisions.

Overall I can easily say that, this project has strong potential to become something appealing however, it requires just a firm solid structure and better planning. To begin, the director should learn to handle her own initiative and ideally, follow according to her judgments. Nothing can primarily be right or wrong as its all a learning process within the end of the day.


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