Decisions Drama – Production

Towards the filming held for our drama, it can be best described as an engaging work of art. Much team effort was required and I felt that, as my role for production manager and sound operator, a huge amount of resposibility was involved with co-ordination to the project. It was my job to make sure the sound was in perfect sync and overlooking my role as production manager, it was primal to keep things on level and every now and again, location checks for health and safety hazards.

Conclusively, my role as sound operator all began due to, the previous assigned tech art dropping out from the group. As a result, it opened up a secondary role where I had been nominated, by the Director himself. Personally, there has been many occurences regarding the matter of people dropping out. I feel that primarily, this is because there is no team collaboration and there seems to always be a misunderstanding with the director’s approach to things.

Comparatively, as opposed to my other group, the Director tends to be very misleading with words. As well as myself, the team also feels the same way and senses a negative energy from this. Personally, a lot of time has been wasted on meetings where, everything is heard but nothing is said. Under my own personal control over this project, I would without a doubt let my action speak louder than words. This is what I felt the Director had failed to comprehend. I feel that because of this, striked a bit of trust issues with the Director, causing the group slowly to drift apart.

Nevertheless, we managed to establish a day’s worth on filming which was great however, upon nearing towards the next shooting day for location 2, suddenly we had another crew member which decided to drop out. It was quite disappointing because on the shoot for location 1 was where it really felt like a coherent team. Again, due to the wrong methods of approach from the director led to personal setbacks for the group. From what I have gathered, there had seemed to been more banter over filming. Ultimately, every individual has a different work style and method to filming. Some tend to concentrate better within focused group whereas others like to remain more laid back. What I would have done more differently is, get to know my team members before opposing any humor, that can potentially cause the loss of a crew member. Though the production is a team effort, individually there needs to be a personal understanding that, not everybody takes jokes too lightly.

Overall, the drama held both its pros and cons, but for next shooting it can definetely improved. I hope in future, to look upon my next shoot where, I can reflect on the following mistakes here and make up for a better production. Though the filming has been given a deadline extension and is currently on hold, I can only hope to update you guys further upon hearing any updates.

Stay Tuned.




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