Decisions Drama – Pre- Production (Stage 2)

Initially, right after pitching process had our team then got into having meetings more frequently. At first, this involved with step by step planning alongside, each and everybody’s contribution towards paperwork for their assigned role. The members consisted of Myself, Jevan, Mo Daher, Naheem and Hussein. Bearing in mind there was so much to keep balance of within this production at the time, everybody had their own set tasks to meet and provide it within a certain time frame. As Production Manager of the team meant having to work closely with the producer on a daily basis and my tasks in fact, were varied with much differing things to do each day.

> Role & Responsibilities

As Production Manager, I can assuredly say took many leads on managing casts and bringing value to every moment of the production. This took a lot amount of research involved towards the drama as well as, my responsibilities.

An inspirational quote found from Paul Hawken, follows the strategic of excellent management and how to use that in advantage to a team’s effort.

“Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.” – Paul Hawken” …(

With that being said, also following the knowledge as Production Manager from former held productions had helped in my role and aided quite a lot with most the tasks at hand. In oppose to the role however, it can come under many stresses with the continuous cycle of calls and managing people’s budgets.

Book read from Leslie Mitchell also quotes within on others experiences in Television, from taking the role of Production Management, and the difficulties they encounter everyday.

“No day is ever the same, depending on the production cycle and the genre. You wake up wondering what’s likely to go wrong today! It can feel like you’re constantly trending on egg shells. You may feel it is all under control …then bang! A crisis comes along and takes your time and energy.” – Page 9″

This taught me that you can never be too prepared for what’s to come, when taking upon the role of Production Manager. There is no typical day and you’re mainly responding to what’s happening. A problem taking a minute of time potentially can drag up to an hour to solve. This covers the basic groundings and principles working as a Production Manager in Television.

> Casting Candidates

In further discussion, the team all had come to a consensus for what actors would suit the physical and dramatic feel to the drama. Upon our decision, we all felt at best that these candidates carried the most potential based on acting abilities and character emotions.


A few of these actors can be seen from viewing the Auditions video posted on my previous post.

> Further Details

Given our plan towards filming the auditions, as we mostly faced a lot of letdown on actors and crew members, this dragged on delays for filming. I feel that also, this was an influence reflected upon, the poor director’s planning as he is in control of the casts and crew that he established. Individually, I have suggested quite strongly to him to always have a contingency planning. Personally, in ways I would manage differently being director would first include, following a backup list of actors and also, hold a written contract with the crew. This method would perhaps allow for a stronger establishment with the team and demonstrate, a student’s commitment to the project. Because there was no solid contract, neither any planning or commitment, actors and crew members were oblivous on what had to be followed. Therefore, as a result causing most of them to leave the project.

Furthermore, the poor punctuality & communication coming from the cameraman, Naheem led to even bigger issuses. Especially considering the filming for auditions, was instead done by the editor. Due to the non-participation from Naheem, the director felt it was was beneficial on behalf of the team to dismiss him and find a replacement. Ultimately, I thought this unneccessary but due to the short amount of progress being made, it can be argued a perfectly made decision for the greater good of the team. Although, the unfortunate loss of our cameraman did meant delays for further filming. However, as being the Production Manager of the team, it was my role to help assist in finding a replacement as soon as possible. What I did, was ask around several members of the Tech Art community to see who was still available. It was undoubtedly an enduring task and a huge resposibility which had to be carried out. Individuals, one after another informed us, either the dates we chose to film can not be met or they already have been assigned to a group. I felt at this moment, though it was my responsibility, the team could have provided that extra support in my search rather than showing me their unattentive care. This desperately had resulted me under a burden of pressure. Rather than arguing with the group about this, instead I suggested they take full focus on the paperwork in the meanwhile as I continue my search. After a long amount of searching and FaceBook messaging, 2 weeks after the dismissal of Naheem, finally I had then found a replacement, welcoming the newcomer of the team, Joshi Chaitanya.




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