Decisions Drama – Planning & Development (Stage 1)

Decisions - Promo

Decisions – Promo

Discussing the early stages towards the process and planning for final project drama “Decisions”, the group had came across many strives advancing from, pitch proposal preparations to scheduling auditions towards a post listed on StarNow and lastly, managing posters for casting recruitment.


> Pitching Experience

The outcome held here from before pitching and after were that, it was an engaging topic which Roddy had found except with the exclusion of some unneeded characters. In front of a panel of judges with an initial team of 3, this was an unbelievably nerve wracking experience, but conclusively with the support of Roddy being chosen as our tutor on this project, specifically quoted out that:

“It’s takes on a good story approach however, given the pace of 10 minutes, the script planning is too overly dramatic and needs to be cut down to a pace that’s comprehensible to viewers”

Taken account of the counter-measures to our drama, the story however was a potential tackle to film and was shown under feedback, with the green light to proceed forward. This pitching experience was engagingly beneficial and provided us, the rightful approach on what learning curves that were required to be taken. Hopefully, as the group advances into stage 2 of the pre-production process, I would like to discuss more on the approaches we had taken and what not, the changes that were made.

> Casting Recruitment

Furthermore, with the casting held on StarNow had a major hit storming to a numeric of 40+ applicants. This was a great starter as it allowed us more freedom of choice as well as, keeping a few aside as backup in the scenario any casts were to potentially drop out.

Decisions - Poster

Decisions – Recruitment Promo

Additionally, I also had produced a poster on behalf of the team to attract more casts for further viewing. Though this is merely just a prototype, the final piece has yet to edited and updated. Surprisingly, having been told by the director that too many applicants had applied, as a result we had to unfortunately dismiss some of the people who applied. On the bright side however, we did bear in mind that, the candidates that were unselected instead were, our potential backups for filming in any case needed necessary. This engagement and discussion with the group has taught me that, you should always have a contingency plan and make greater use for what else you are given because, what you initially may expect might not be the result you get. Nevertheless, additional information has yet to be spoken for this section however, once having finalized a decision on the candidates towards our held production, then will I update you further on the details and aims for filming. Hopefully, this coverage should ideally be discussed more from the next following post.

> Auditions

Within this stage of the production, I can assuredly say that it became a mindful experience, especially when analyzing out and judging which candidates were rightful for the given roles. This video here points out a few of the casts whom which, some being the ideal candidates that were selected for a second staging. Networking with these people have been a productive experience as it has illustrated to me the different levels of acting and how key qualities can help bring fruition to a character. Hopefully this video will provide a sense of what cinematic emotion this drama is aiming for, with a trailer soon to follow that will unfold brief segments of the drama portraying what the story is about .





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