War.Love.Guilt – (Post-Production) …Prosponed or Scrapped?

This post will briefly discuss the unfortunate events that were faced during post production and what not, the conclusions as well as, solutions which members of the group had came to. Due to certain circumstances with a student having accidentally formatted all footage on the SD card, caused a major havoc and delayed for any possible signs of post-production edit. Matters have still yet to be spoken with the director however, given the restriction for time may either call for an extension, or possibilities for rushed filming. Personally, I think its a good project to be put down to waste and that it was also, quite unrighteous for a team member to be lending out the SD card containing the footage to another TVP student. Given my effort and time put into the production, this had me really frustrated. Not only would supposedly re-shooting waste my own time, but the actors time as well. The member who had shown mistake has been warned and been told that, matters will be pressed on to members of staff if this happens for the second time around. Hoping for the best outcome, I wish to re-shoot the lost footage and continue to comment my thoughts here towards the drama. Otherwise, if not I personally then feel this had been a very time consuming effort for a production, which had led astray.


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