Proposal Writing – Planning & Research

With regards to the proposition essay planning, I found from the research of books to be quite tedious, yet extremely helpful and developmental to my subject topic. My topic focus primarily was on the research of celebrities voice actors and their impact towards animation. I managed to extract so much from reading and not only has my knowledge on an aspect of television improved vastly, but much learning objectives had also been met, and some to review upon improving from my proposal writing.

“This is an interesting topic and at times you suggest some interesting avenues for researching it. At the moment it is unclear what precise questions you are asking but hopefully as your research continues these will become more evident.”

With much regards to Basil for putting me on the right track, has helped me realize from the research I’ve done, where exactly I want to direct my focus, on the discussion towards my proposition. Relatively, I decided to use the information most useful from the research and instead, adjust my topic title where more avenues can be explored and explain a clearer argument. Hence, “How Celebrity Image Impacts Upon Animated Characters”. Though this proposal was merely but a clear understanding to what and what not I should look out for when future writing.

“You need to be more specific about what your methodology will be (why are you thinking about doing surveys – to find out what), what your theoretical framework will be (are there any writers on animation whose ideas you strongly agree or disagree with) and what your main arguments are.”

Nevertheless, much helpful sources from engagement on tutorials has opened my mind to creative thinking for my writing and what not, the extended research I could prepare for towards my actual proposition. Personally, it was unfortunate I received my copy rather late but, a useful book I found towards the essay planning was the booklet issued from Middlesex University titled “Planning Your Dissertation” by Kate Williams.

"Planning Your Dissertation" - Kate Williams."

“Planning Your Dissertation” – Kate Williams.”

Planning Your Dissertation is a friendly and essential companion to your dissertation journey. It takes you step-by-step through the planning for each stage, from your first idea to the finishing touches.”


“Dissertation & Education” – Layout”

The structure as shown above helped made my practices way easier towards the writing on my future essays and assignments. This book, as well as being a useful resource for planning, it also has served many purposes towards my actual proposition which I will discuss further in a later post. Kate Williams explores deeply into the different methodological researches alongside, analysis to effectively approaching them using the best systematic approach. With that being said, due to copyright and infringement issues, I am unable to upload any further images and soon will be taking them down after being reviewed for marking.

Stay tuned for further updates.



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