War.Life.Guilt – (Role & Engagement)

This post will refer to the process and planning, which I held to my role as Lighting for this particular drama. Personally, having knowledge as little to none with lighting was seen as an entire brand new experience for this held production. Though it was a challenging experience, I had made sure to hold a brief yet quick guidance, with Urim from the loan store, on how to operate certain lights and what light works best with what I am doing. With Urim’s advice, I was easily able to understand, the usages of different lighting types and how I would be able bring out the most potential in all its uses.

With that being said, further preparations I had made in advance for the coming shoot was, through watching tutorial online and how other people manage differently alongside, what methods of theirs I can incorporate into my own. Primarily, one particular website I found really useful was”FILMMAKER IQ” (http://filmmakeriq.com/2011/04/20-lighting-tutorials-for-film-and-video/) which has 20 useful lighting tutorials explaining in depth, how I can make the best out of my planning as well as, positioning where each lighting would suit the best look towards a certain shot or scene for a film. Thus, this counts being whether its a studio, documentary or drama.

Above all, I thought that from the wide range of videos listed, the tutorial here had served the most beneficial from the rest, as I felt this dominantly covered the basic touches and strong points which even a beginner as myself can achieve. The equipment used was coincidentally quite similar to what my drama had followed.

Analysing Tom Antos’s tutorial here on lighting as well as the website shown above, has prepared me for coming productions in the future with possible expectancy, on roles as Lighting Director. Hopefully as I continue to engage myself more with the post-production, I look forward to updating you with further content.

Stay tuned.


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