Interview @ Endemol – (Planning & Engagement)

The preparation I had staged myself for the Endemol interview was, the earlier lecture advices from Roddy Gibson with information on how to present myself and advice on how I should tackle interview scenarios. An example quoted from Roddy Gibson was;

“During my days, a nice pair of shoes was vital as the interviewer is always known to judge upon your physical appearance and catch on first sight to the shoes you are wearing.”

In a sense, dress code is generally key. In some cases depending on what company you are apply to is determined whether a dress code is required to that certain work environment. For instance, given a recent interview for ASOS with research on their website quotes:

Tips for Interview

Tips for Interview

Personally, with the freedom to wear whatever you want, takes an individual away from the restrictions held and allowing the leisure to be your very own personal self. Without further due, the interview process I would presume had gone well, thus being selected for a second invited interview.

Furthermore, with interview advice from Simon Wright from BBC, quotes on the suggested methods to, handling and tackling difficult interview questions when asked along for an informal chat.

“Think about the kind of programmes the company makes, there isn’t really an excuse for you not to know them.”


I am truly thankful for this opportunity with credit to Roddy Gibson on his lectures and arrangements of guest speakers. Learning from other people has really taught me what pitfalls and mistakes I could look out for when invited or applying for future jobs.

Avoid using cliche adjectives – “It’s not entirely uncommon to receive a cover letter of up to 800 words in length, including flowery words telling us how “passionate,” “vibrant” and “dynamic” you are. Ditch these useless words.” – Mediargh” – (



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