A Day in the Life of a Pastor – (Further Engagement)

[The Story of Sutton Baptist Church]

Briefly discussing in further depth on the engagement we took with this production, it was a potential idea derived from the director vision of expressing the christian religion as well as, an ambition he saw from an opportunity given from the coincidences of an event. The event was established socially through a friend named “Faith” who now attends Sutton Baptist Church, as a pastor that has an emotional developing story to, how she came to the whole entirety of being apart of Christ Church Sutton. She quotes the cultural experience of her life at home being more settled but, with instant changes on how shes treated when she converts religion.

“I grew up living elsewhere with respect but, as I converted to Christianity, things started to distance with my parents and the way I had begun getting treated”.

As the production manager of the team, bearing a huge responsibility previous fluency on the role, I still thought that consuming books would enhance my knowledge as this is a field I would potentially like to get into. From the books I have read, I have found [SELECT A BOOK] to be quite interesting as it discusses the step by step basics and guidance to what makes for a strong production manager.

The information listed has served me well, as it prepares me the rightful pathway to take on future projects and further knowledge, which can be used to contribute greater strengths in the team. For instance, Linda Stradling [RELATE A NEW KNOWLEDGE ON A BOOK] is a fantastic book that lives to it name as, not only does it inform, but connects the viewer with a similar scenario or concept in which takes the approach on how themselves, as industry professional once tackled the many issues of production. Thus, with further methods of resolve.

Anyhow, potentially this is an interesting debate which we had pitched upon because, it reflects two different sides of the story from her past to her present and the building emotion of how she escaped the rebellious torments from her parents. Sutton Baptist Church, though still being under website development, the link below will further discuss the story of of Sutton Baptist Church, and how it came into existence.

WEBSITE: http://www.angelfire.com/md2/suttonbaptist/index.htm


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