War.Love.Guilt > Filming Day (1) and (2)

Day 1

Here I will be discussing the experiences from this production, and my role and responsibility as Lighting director. As a group, we had our ups and our downs however, ultimately the first day of the shoot was an enjoyable experience but also, rather problematic as the loan store member who had booked us out for the lighting didn’t make any awareness that the item contained faults. Rather, we were falsely informed and was told the item is all in place and everything is good to go. Most strongly I felt, despite that being said, there really should have been a test on the equipment before it was borrowed because, as the matter at hand stands, on shoot there was a slight issue with the cable at fault which struck to the results of a small fire hazard. Though this matter had been avoided, it clearly had ruined the possibility for filming most the shots that required external lighting.

With that being said, putting the lighting equipment aside, it was merely then but a matter of filming from just using the natural lights possible, to try reach a similar look towards, what we ideally had in mind. As lighting director, this I then knew was my challenge to improvise and simply help make this task achievable. Somewhat, I can say in the end that it was a challenging task but one, which was thought through quite critically and well achieved. The remaining of the shoot I can potentially say had gone pretty well. However with regards to what not, after the shoot, it was made aware to the group’s attention that the sound which was downloaded onto the laptop for storage and review purposes, encountered slight issues. Thus, the sound recorded from the shoot was shown to have high and low volume levels. This was seen an issue when facing post-production. Being yet a huge letdown, there wasn’t much to do but follow through and re-record any sounds or vocals the following day after.

Day 2

As mentioned previously, this day was generally quite brief with little to work on such as, re-recording any sounds/vocals for certain scenes as well as, recording a few extra visuals as our backup footage. There weren’t much to do but personally, I would say this day was a learning curve which gave us a second opportunity to put everything back into perfection. It was a knackering experience for all team members but in the end, was worth while and opened up the mistakes to keep an eye out for, when recording sound for future shoots. My next post will engage further discussion on, the role & responsibilities I had taken on this production and what methods I took towards its planning.

Stay Tuned.


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