Working with “Budget Music Videos”


Budget Music Videos is an independent based company which deals with Music Videos at a low cost. As well as working towards low priced music videos, the company itself potentially can also vary and are highly equipped with the resources to deal with big budget music videos.

From my work done so far within Budget Music Videos has been a strong yet challenging experience where I have been taught so much and what not, had potentially explored new boundaries which steps out the ordinary box as a TVP student. My encountered focuses and strengths were known to be more tied with being on camera rather than, the usual production planning. At first this was seemingly quite challenging as I felt completely inexperienced to what I was functioning or pressing. I felt this role however, provided major coverage to the technical knowledge I already had on camera and increased my level of experiences of what I am now capable to do compared to before.

Furthermore, as well as being on camera, I also had worked on setting up the lighting alongside, absorbing information on the different types available and how they work. Thanks to the level of experience I had gained, made me quite comfortable to offer my services and experiences as lighting director towards a final year major project.

Conclusively, Budget Music Videos has taught me in theory how to manage the expenses of my production to its fullest potential, without going over the cost limit to make something or an aspect of something outstanding. Informatively, this is merely but just the brief details on some of the works I have done with Budget Music Videos. Further information will follow from my reflective writing where, I aim to discuss more on the experiences and challenges I previously had, and will perhaps engage on whilst continuing work with Budget Music Videos.


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