A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Filming Day [2]

The experiences and encounters for this day I can say was something to reflect upon. Further, with regards to the process of our filming, it was unfortunately delayed 2 hours ahead for reasons due to, the actors unavailability at the time. This came as a potential risk as we had lost much lighting to our shots and therefore, having to re-adjust certain scenes on the shot list. However, the bright side being towards this production is that, we had captured a great versatility of shots on, Faith’s outer activities and more storytelling on her daily life. This contrast I felt composed a good comparison to the previous filming we held, which encased the rapture and bringing of her past life and the journey of where she has come to at present.

Also, in terms of the interior shots, there were risks held being that the location was quite narrow to film within thereby, we had to improvise for our own space as well as, setting up equipment without it being in shot of the casts on set. The main challenge overall was getting it done before sunset as so much time was wasted in the beginning from having waited on certain members. Relatively, as the team’s Production Manager, whom generally is required to work closely to the Producer, I personally had found that a few days before the shoot, he was quite unresponsive to my messages yet, had also never updated much on the group chat. As a result, this had left me to improvise on my own knowledge towards the Call Sheet and other relative papers. Though many blanks and indications were to be made, it roughly gave the sense to the casts and crew what and where we would be filming and ways in which would help them get to the location. I was very vocal with the producer on set regarding the matter and as a result, had led to a very much deserved apology. I hope that for day 3 of filming will take a turn for the better.

For further updates, stay tuned.


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