Photoshop CC – Introduction

From today’s online tutorial with Photoshop taught me several basic ways I can manage my work space. Further, what “Window” or “Panel” tabs will I mostly be using when managing photography/images. Personally, I found the “Mini Bridge” feature of Photoshop CC to serve great usefulness as it allows me access to images more quickly then rather, navigating under “File” – “Open” and searching for the data’s location point.

This method not only allows for a more convenient workspace but also, saves much time from searching through many different folders. Moreover, with regards to the stylistics on Photoshop, generally there are individuals who like to work with their application frames set open however, I found that with this feature closed, it was much more applicable to access images on the Desktop. Alternatively, I found this way much easier as, if I had changed my mind on this, bringing the “Application Frame” back up is as simple as just hitting the “F” key once otherwise, from manual navigation on the “Windows” tab. Progressively, I was also shown what presets works best for web (Resolution: 72) and what selectively makes the best choice for HQ images (Resolution: 300).

Overall, this particular lesson helped refresh my mind on, how to efficiently navigate around Photoshop and make way for an easier work space. My next discussion will advance on Layers, its purpose, how and why its used.

Stay tuned.


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