Adobe Photoshop – Further Development

In further discussion with my previous post, I have advanced my development of skills on Adobe Photoshop with much online tutorials from “udemy” (

Carrying a substantial amount of material from the website has taught me so much I needed to know from all the different perspectives. With that being said, udemy is also a social platform where students or learners from around the world can share their experiences and knowledge towards, each others work.

Relatively the intelligence gathered from the website and the connection here with Adobe Photoshop being that, it has helped put my practices together to create my very own album cover for a music CD.


With the inspiration from viewing numerous cover designs, gave me a rough sense of what look I was aiming to establish in producing my album cover. Relatively, abiding by the rules of copyright & infringement, led to restrictions on what materials I was able to use. This approach was a tough tackle and drew much limitations, for the elements I was allowed to incorporate within my own created album cover. Positively, this helped open my mind to a greater innovation and make use on whatever source I could do with. Upon requested, then am I only able to present or send the file on Photoshop, thus due to security reasons.

Nevertheless, personally I very much reccommend tutorial from “Manni” ( which explains the simple and effective methods of working around Photoshop. The way Manni works is similar to how I would manage around the software myself. Although the only difference being that, as I do find working around layers makes for an easier workspace, it can also become quite confusing as it becomes a list containing too much. The method which I like working around is to keep my content layers to no more than 10 files within a single folder.

I hope in future to discuss more on my work with Photoshop, whether its through participation from final projects or employment, and wish to keep you all updated.



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