A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Filming Day [1]

With reference to my previous post, today was quite a energetic day with much running around alongside, many tracking and zoom in shots, capturing the events and highlights on what went on during the day of the conference. The Church undoubtedly made for a spacious area to film in and provided many great angles to shoot on.

The image displayed, shows a general insight of the location we had filmed in as well as, the things which went on during the time. Furthermore, much of the footage we had captured made for a great grounding as, base to our storytelling. Moreover, we also recorded some environmental shots which selectively, will be used as b-roll to our documentary.

Overall, the most accountable visual piece I felt was recorded on the day had to be, the speech Pastor Faith had made on her rapture towards Christianity. The medium zoom shot used for this scene made a great analysis, detailing so much on her past events and experiences. I was strongly able to feel the impact on her emotions as she soared all her thoughts to the camera.

Further information on the life of Pastor Faith has yet to be spoken but, soon will follow a part 2 of this article which will speak in more depth, our group’s new approaches and the different leads we had taken towards filming Pastor Faith.

Stay tuned.


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