Final Project – Ideas, Influences and Approaches

Assistant Director > DOP > Director > Production Manager > Producer > Sound

Listed above is the team which I will be working with as, production manager. Further, I will be taking you guys through the journeys and encounters from this Final Project. This is a perfect opportunity for me to reflect on my learning towards, my own personal experiences and insights of the shoot. Also, I feel from sharing this with you guys, could potentially assist with my innovation to the project. So please, do comment back your thoughts on what you felt went well and what not, didn’t.

Following part 2 of this article, further details are yet to be spoken, however I’ll for now conclude the 3 main selling points which came to our decisions for the idea in which we have chosen.

  • Ideas?

The story idea is focused on the upbringing of a child named Faith, and cycles through past events within her life showcasing, how this made her the person that she is today. This includes her converting towards Christianity at a very young age which led to problematic situations with her parents against the matter. As a result, this caused for her being kicked out the house. Currently, she is now counseling at Sutton Baptist Church working under the counseling team and is achieving much greater than what not, had she experienced within the past.

  • What were our Influences?

Having gathered a similar visual concept taken from a video on aids, it illustrated to the lectures assessing our pitch, the film’s outtake and what leads we had planned in terms of our research. Further, our influences generally comes from our potential contributor whom, we thought had a really captivating story in regards to, what she had been through in her past, and how this had made her person who she is today. This film will demonstrate the influences with a strong use of empathy, entering the thoughts of minds, and giving them the power to understand where Faith is coming from.

  • Approaches?

Our approach was to showcase the story of Faith’s childhood and pinpoint the main events of her past life. Our current leads at the moment is to next film, during the beginning of February. Previously, we had taken the advantage to film at Faith’s local church on a day of a conference. This was a great experience where we had captured much in relation to, what she does within her daily life as well as, gathering a speech on her rapture on how she came to Christianity.


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