Feedback for The UnExpected

the unexpected

This post will refer to the feedback in which my group had received from lecturers on our set brief project. For those who have still yet to see our completed film then, by all means please feel free to visit my Vimeo page. This film was Directed by Zaynah Chauman and features guest stars “BlueHomie MC” and “Sab Muthusamy”.

Proceeding onwards to the matter of feedback, primarily it is crucial in my opinion because it helps one realize their mistakes and what formulas to tackle for future development. Generally, constructive criticism may come as alarming to some individuals however, as “Carlos Ghosn” quotes;

“You have to listen to the people who have a negative opinion as well as those who have positive opinion. Just to make sure that you are blending all these opinions in your mind before a decision is made.”

With that being said, critical feedback is just as vital in work sectors as well as, academic institutions. In order to establish a solid consistency of greatness, one must acknowledge the mistakes they made and what not, take on-board the feedback to help improve on their next project.

Nonetheless, in highlight of the feedback to my project, it was noted with a range of positive and negative points. Unfortunately, the outcome weren’t shown as highly anticipated as it was, when presented during the pitch.

the production issues you confronted did effect the sense and quality of the finished story, which was a pity.

“there was not much chemistry between the central characters. As the story progressed, there were some ‘odd’ moments that didn’t quite connect with the unfolding narrative and left the viewer a little confused. Technically, again there were some issues with framing and continuity (eyeline) as well a sound. The music was too loud in the mix.”

To my surprise, I was quite unsatisfied however, this helped open my mind to new and broader perspectives on what issues to overcome within my next project. Personally, I agree with the point of music being too loud in the mix and also, analyzing through what’s now been completed, I must say that I did have slight doubts on the visuals containing way too much focus on music. The planning could have been worked on a bit further however, due to our initial location dropping out during the day of the shoot caused much complications for the team thus, we had to improvise and innovate new ideas towards the script for our secondary location. Moreover, with regards to the framing and continuity (eyeline), as mentioned earlier, many improvisations had to be made at last minute hence, making for a rather challenging experience on the shoot however, this particular circumstance strengthened the mind of team members unveiling, quick thinking and decision making.

“The opening sequence was strong in terms of the introduction to character. It was also funny and well conceived as a ‘Tarantino-esque’ piece of script-writing”

In contrast, not much to review on the positive elements however, referring back to the introduction scene and comparing with end scenes, it did strike out a lot of sense as to why Roddy thought there being some odd moments not quite connecting with the unfolding narrative. The visuals from one scene jumping straight in to another could have been explained more precisely perhaps, with included extra footage to fill in that empty void.

Personally, I felt a strong imbalance of opinions however with that being said, I can genuinely appreciate the fact that, the lectures had taken time to speak their views of the matter and guide us, where our improvements can be made.

“You did well, given the circumstances, to complete the film and this was a creative attempt to draw inspiration from the ‘Pulp Fiction’ scene”

Thanks Roddy! I look at this feedback and embrace it as a learning experience which will help prepare me for future circumstances like this, if yet to ever re-occur.


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