Filming Day (The UnExpected)

Here I’ll be looking into the outcome of the production day discussing, what I felt went smoothly and what not, could have been changed. For a more in depth review on “The UnExpected” drama, please feel free to visit my feedback page. Those who wish to have a run through our completed cinematic, just press on the play button below, and if you like or dislike what you see, comments on this are very much appreciated. It’s always great to know, I can have something to reflect my changes on and improve for further upcoming productions.

With that being said, my professional views on this drama would be that, it was extremely unfortunate the owner of our initial location, to cancel out within the very last second. A problem this may have been however, much thankful for our contingency planning on a secondary location, the script had to be slightly restructured although, it had helped significantly in the team’s innovation to new ideas and creativity for the story.

Relatively in focus to our shoot, everyone was extremely helpful and supportive to each others on their roles. As Producer, my priorities involved, documents and advanced planning in preparation for the day of the shoot. Moreover, safety measures were also taken account of alongside, liaising with clients at times when needed. Progressively, midway point of our shoot, the Director had unexpectedly left the set which caused slight complications to our visual planning. This had then involved certain members participating in multiple roles.

As mentioned earlier, the film was formed from many improvisations and was a great challenge for one’s mind. It is a fantastic work of art captured from different visual perspectives however, this can arguably be looked at for a better planning in reference for the future.

Overall, not only have I learned much from being a part of this production but also, it has enabled my mind to swift thinking and solutions. This shoot had really brought out the best in my team player abilities and if given the opportunity, I would genuinely love to re-work with the casts to renovate my ideas on, what actually would make a successful Quentin Tarantino adaption for a Pulp Fiction film.


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